110Perceb and Luz María Cepeda, director of FITUPAZ, attended the The Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair, held in November 2022, that marked its triumphant return following the pandemic. This exclusive event, organized by Conde Nast in partnership with the United Kingdom’s leading luxury tour operators, brought together industry experts and travelers seeking the ultimate in luxury travel experiences.

FITUPAZ, the trust for La Paz, is an organization dedicated to promoting tourism and sustainable development in the region. Cepeda and the 110Percent team joined forces at the event to promote the unique offerings of La Paz and Los Cabos.

The success of this year’s Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair not only underscores the event’s significance in the industry but also highlights the growing appeal of La Paz and Los Cabos as premier destinations for discerning tourists. As the travel industry continues to rebound, events like this one will play a vital role in showcasing the very best the world has to offer.

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